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Condo association wants to euthanize flock of 'nuisance geese'

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A condo association in Southington wants to euthanize a flock of geese (WFSB) A condo association in Southington wants to euthanize a flock of geese (WFSB)

A Southington condo association at odds over what they're calling a flock of 'nuisance geese.'

The board is recommending the geese be put down, but residents are doing what they can to save the flock of Canada geese.

“This is their home. This is where they live, this is where they were born, where they grew up,” said Susan Sullivan, of Southington.

Canada geese whose eggs hatched at Southington’s Spring Lake Village are now in danger of being euthanized.

“Every spring they have babies down there and the mommy’s in the front and the little geese are following them all around and it’s just a wonderful thing to see,” said Joan Fisher, of Southington.

The association sent a notice to residents saying the population has gotten out of control and residents are complaining about the birds and their droppings 

So, the association is asking residents to vote on a process that will euthanize the birds.

“But, if you don’t vote they’re going to take it as a yes vote, which I don’t think is fair,” Sullivan said.

There are 650 families in this community and several are hoping to save these geese.

“They’re beautiful, they’re animals, they’re wild. We’re taking away their habitat and now we want to kill them for just being around us,” Sullivan said.

Although Canada geese are federally protected, the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection does allow for nuisance populations to be round up and euthanized. The association would have to apply its case to DEEP and officials would review it.

The association says it would donate the meat to soup kitchens.

“There are 80 geese down there. They’re going to kill them, it’s very upsetting,” said Fisher.

The board says it has tried to control the geese population in other ways over the past 20 years, but those methods didn’t work.

Channel 3 tried contacting the board president for comment but didn’t hear back.

Some residents are hoping the round up never happens. 

“I’m going to do everything I can,” Sullivan said.

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