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Fuel company diesel mix up causes problems for drivers

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A gas mix up causes car troubles for customers A gas mix up causes car troubles for customers

Customers in a local town are frustrated because their cars are stalling due to a fuel delivery company makes a huge mistake.

“I had two kids with me I was very scared.  I didn’t know what was going on,” said Jennifer Weise of Lebanon

Weise said she got that sinking feeling that her 2006 ford expedition was dying on her miles from home.

She explains back on March 16th she just fueled up at the Niantic Star Gas Station in East Lyme, which also sells diesel fuel.

“We brought it to Ford and they said well I hate to tell you but your problem is you have diesel fuel in your gas tank” Weise said.

Weiss wasn’t the only customer with this issue. There were more than a dozen other customers who weren’t going anywhere fast. 

Chris Taylor is the town’s Fire Marshal who investigated the cause.  He said the problem was the fault of the fuel distributor, Prospect- Transportation out of Carlstadt, NJ who put the wrong fuel in the trucks tanks at the terminal.

“Accidentally mixed the diesel and the gas up and dumped about a thousand gallons of diesel into the gas tank and about a thousand gallons of diesel in the gas tank,” said Taylor.

The convenience store owner said  they feel terrible, and confirm all their systems and tanks were corrected by the distributor who has a “safer” rating by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

“We’ve been working together making sure everybody who got the wrong mixture.  Got the right number to call, make a claim and get their cars fixed,” Taylor said.

State Consumer Protection said on average it could cost $500 to $1500 per vehicle to repair, flush the tanks, fuel lines and install new filters. 

Weise is out $500 so far, but says she will be reimbursed for the cost, just not for the time and aggravation lost.

“It is very frustrating especially with two kids and all the errands I have to do,” said Weise.

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