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Neighbors in Prospect continue fight against blighted property

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Neighbors continue to fight blighted property in Prospect (WFSB) Neighbors continue to fight blighted property in Prospect (WFSB)

Homeowners in one Prospect neighborhood say the junk keeps growing in front of one house.

While the town is aware of it, some feel it’s only getting worse.

The Prospect’s Anti-Blight Commission sent a citation letter earlier this month.

That means the home is getting fined daily, but doesn’t seem to be making a difference.

Wooden fence falling, a number of cars, and pallets piling up throughout the front yard of a home on Williams Drive.

“Nothing is really being done,” said Jennifer Andro, a neighbor

Andro and other neighbors on Williams Drive in Prospect said this blighted piece of property has been an issue for years.

She said they’re trying to sell their house, but feels the lack of interest is due to what’s just a few doors down.

“It’s hard for us because we’re trying to move and it’s not helping us out and its making it tough,” Andro said.

Other neighbors feel the same way.

“It’s been going on for so long for so many years, that we’re just waiting for something to happen,” said Terry Dominy of Prospect.

Others said it seems as if more has been added to the clutter, including a confederate flag.  

Channel 3 stopped by the house Thursday morning, to talk to the owner, but no one answered the door.

Three years ago, Prospect started up an Anti-Blight Commission.

According to the minutes, a warning notice was sent to the house in December, and in February the homeowners were given 30 days to comply.

Then in March, a motion to send a citation letter was passed.

Under the town’s blight ordinance, homes can be fined $25 for the first 30 days. It increases to$50, and then after sixty days, jumps to $100.

If there is no improvement, the ordinance says the town could clean it up itself and place a lien on the property.

Prospect’s mayor said the town could also look into housing court.

“Three or 4 times a month, somebody will stop me, what can we do.  It’s affecting the values of their house, I fully understand that.  But whatever the Blight Commission comes up with and we can support and get the legal seal through the town’s attorney, legal services, we can do that,” said Mayor Bob Chatfield.

Neighbors hope it’s some change happens soon.

“It’s not fair to us, we make sure we keep our property up and everything and they just feel can leave junk all over the place and nobody will do anything about it,” Andro said.

The next Anti-Blight Commission meeting is next week, and neighbors said, once again, they’ll continue to show up until something is done.

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