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Two women disputing over ownership of dogs

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Two women are disputing over the ownership of two dogs (Submitted) Two women are disputing over the ownership of two dogs (Submitted)

Two women are fighting over two dogs after they escaped from the owners home in Woodbury. 

The owner of the dogs admits they have escaped on quite a few occasions.

Now, the woman who sold her the two rescue dogs says she is entitled to have them back since she doesn’t think the owner is taking proper care of them.

Channel 3 sat down with both women and a lawyer to parse out who might be in the right.

Both women feel they are in the right.

The current owner said she has had health problems and financial problems and has not been able to care for the dogs as best she could, but she says the dogs are family and is heartbroken they are taken.

The seller of the dogs said there was a contract mandating proper upkeep of the dogs and once violated, she said she has a right to keep the dogs.

4-year-old Princess and 3-year-old Baby are mother and daughter Chihuahua-Dachshund mixes also known as “Chiweenies.”

Owner Kris Keidel admits the dogs got out from her Woodbury home on Wednesday, and that it is not the first time.

The person who found the dogs contacted the number on their rabies tags which connected them back to the woman who had originally sold the dogs to Keidel.

Stacy Crochet who fosters rescue dogs is the original owner.

Crochet is now keeping them saying Keidel violated their contract, something Keidel thinks is unfair.

“She can’t play judge and jury, these animals are not abused,” Keidel said.

At Keidel’s Woodbury home, there is a fence plus an electric fence, but the two dogs have dug underneath the fence and gotten out at least five times.

The most recent time on Wednesday when they ran out the front door.

Keidel admits, their licenses are expired and they are not up to date on shots, but she said due to her losing her vision due to Macular Degeneration, and losing her employment, it has been hard.

“I’ll take responsibility I told her I would pay the vet bill. One of my friends went up to get the dogs, she wouldn’t give them, like she doesn’t care she doesn’t want me to have anything to do with them,” Keidel said.

Crochet said once she was contacted by the person who found them she reached out to Keidel.

“I called Kris and told her I was not going to return them. I told her 30 days ago that if they had gotten out and they were not up I was going to keep them. And the contracts states if you don’t follow up I have every right to take them and that’s what I did,” Crochet said.

In fact, there was a contract signed when Keidel purchased the dogs from Crochet that did have such a provision, but animal rights attorney Thom Page said it is not up to Crochet to make the legal decision.

This decision would have to be made in court.

“That provision is in a contract and is enforceable, but what people confuse is they’re making a decision like a jury would and carrying it out, but where parties can’t agree a jury must decide,” said Page.

Crochet had put the dogs up for sale on a Facebook post but has since taken it down because she said she has received threats.

She says she just wants to find the dogs a good home and be reimbursed for vet expenses she has incurred since she got the animals on Wednesday.

In the meantime, Keidel and her daughter just want their beloved pets back.

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