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Delinquent taxpayers in West Haven will get 'the boot'

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Delinquent taxpayers in West Haven are getting 'the boot' (WFSB) Delinquent taxpayers in West Haven are getting 'the boot' (WFSB)

The boot is back, and West Haven is warning residents that if your car taxes are overdue, you better pay up.

The city says it’s going to be aggressive in going after unpaid car taxes, and it’s not wasting any time.

Up and down streets in West Haven’s Allingtown neighborhood on Tuesday, car wheels were locked, meaning drivers’ who haven’t paid their taxes are now high and dry, stranded with no place to go, other than right to the tax collector’s office.

“It would be a better way if they gave you a warning first, at least a couple of weeks, then after that, you have the chance to pay, you’d be okay,” said Francisco Perez, of West Haven.

However, West Haven does, in fact, give delinquent notices, and earlier this month announced it would be going after those not current on their car taxes.

So why is the boot back?

West Haven is under the oversight of the state’s municipal accountability review board after deciding to pay down a $16 million deficit by bonding.

So now the city is looking at all types of options when it comes to collecting money it's currently owed.

It’s not the first time though, the city has used the boot before under previous administrations.

How it works is the city teams with a company that uses a vehicle mounted ID system and an infrared license plate scanner to find out which cars are not in compliance with their car taxes.

Once the boot goes on, it stays in place until the vehicle owner pays up the full amount owed, along with a $150 fee to get the boot off.

In addition to the boot, the cars are slapped with a bright orange sticker warning owners the car could be towed if it’s not paid in 48 hours.

For those living in West Haven, they can check out the website for the city’s tax collector to see if they are up to date.

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