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Study says northeast drivers rank among the worst

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When it comes to safety on the road, according to a recent study from the online insurance company Everquote, drivers in northeast rank the worst.

Over the years in CT, plenty of folks would point fingers at our neighbors in New York and Massachusetts regarding bad drivers and speeders.

However, according to Everquote’s study, the culprits are in CT.

“It’s hectic sometimes, you see a lot of people on the phone, not paying attention,” said Butch Console, who spends a lot of time on the roads driving for Meals on Wheels.

Using its “Safe Driving app,” which helps track driving habits to see how you’re driving and how you can improve, Everquote analyzed nearly 800 million miles of driving data from last year.

When it comes to ranking the states, they put Connecticut at 50, with neighboring Rhode Island just one spot ahead at 49.

According to the report, CT’s data shows 56 percent of drivers speed, 34 percent use their phone, 17 percent accelerate, 30 percent are “hard breaking,” and 12 percent are “hard turning.”

When compared with the number of trips nationwide, 38 percent involve speeding, 37 percent use their phone, 14 percent are accelerating, 23 percent are “hard breaking,” and 11 percent are “hard turning.”

The study says midwestern drivers are the safest, and those in the south use their phones the most, but here in the northeast? Drivers are noted for having a heavy foot.

To see the full report, click here.

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