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Norovirus outbreak shows signs of slowing down at WCSU

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Western Connecticut State University (WFSB) Western Connecticut State University (WFSB)

In about one week, more than 200 cases of norovirus were reported at Western Connecticut State University.

Late last week, the university said dozens of students fell ill, experiencing virus-like symptoms.

The outbreak intensified over the weekend, school officials said, when about 156 students reported symptoms.

Classes were canceled at WCSU on Monday after more than 100 were diagnosed with having norovirus.

As of Friday, officials said they are noticing the outbreak is showing signs of slowing down.

“The number of students/faculty/staff reporting a new onset of symptoms has dropped significantly,” school officials said.

In total, 213 cases of norovirus at WCSU were reported.

The virus is highly contagious and is sometimes found on cruise ships.

Anyone who is experiencing vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain or signs of dehydration, there are some tips they should follow:

  • Use good hygiene
  • Don't share food, drinks, cups or utensils
  • Wash fruits and vegetables before eating
  • Frequently clean surfaces in living spaces with bleach wipes

“Those having symptom onset today will be infectious for at least five days (incubation, active illness, and recovery periods). This is the basis of our continued recommendation that you isolate yourself from others until 72 hours after the last vomiting or diarrhea episode,” school officials said in a Facebook post.

School officials said they are working with the Dept. of Public Health to determine the source of the norovirus.

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