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Gas prices continue to climb ahead of summer season

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Gas prices across the country, including here in Connecticut, are climbing and experts said they’ll continue to rise.

It’s not exactly what drivers want to hear, especially with the summer driving season right around the corner.

On Monday, the average price for a gallon of gas in CT was $2.95

That’s up $0.06 from last week, and $0.17 over the past two weeks, and $0.43 higher than where we were on this same day last year.
According to AAA, gas prices have been going up daily since April 9.

“We expect the prices at the pump to continue to rise, at least through the end of May, and then they should top off a bit as we head into the summer,” said Amy Parmenter, of AAA Greater Hartford.

According to AAA, it expects Connecticut drivers will see an average top $3 a gallon either sometime towards the end of this week or next week.

“Takes a lot of money away from my family,” said Zachary, of New Haven.

Gas prices vary by region, and the most expensive in our state is Fairfield County, where a gallon of gas in Bridgeport averages $3.02.

The New London/Norwich area is next at $2.98, while New Haven, Meriden and Hartford areas both check in at $2.93.

Last time the average price of a gallon of gas in Connecticut was above $3 was in December of 2014.

So, what’s causing the prices at the pump to surge? AAA said there are a number of factors, including the high price of crude oil, higher demand, along with retailers switching over to the more expensive summer blend.

While it’s going to cost you, AAA said it doesn’t expect the higher prices to have a significant impact on summer travel.

“People start to change their travel behavior when gas gets up higher than $3.50 average and we’re not going to be going that high, that’s the good news, people can still make their plans, people will still make their plans, it’s just going to cost a little bit more,” Parmenter said.

If you think the prices are pretty bad here, Hawaii has the steepest gas prices at $3.61 a gallon.  

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