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Meriden officials try to quell concerns raised over water

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Meriden residents are upset over chlorine detected in water supply (WFSB) Meriden residents are upset over chlorine detected in water supply (WFSB)

Neighbors in Meriden said they’re worried about their water after receiving letters about elevated levels of chlorine detected.

The testing was done back in the winter, and the letters were sent out last week.

The letters residents received said there were elevated levels of Haloacetic acid in the city’s drinking water. Exposure to high levels over a prolonged period of time could possibly lead to cancer.

“A big concern to me is the way they let us know, through a letter in the mail. I didn’t think that was professional and I don’t think everyone in this town knows that the water has been contaminated and it was a violation,” said Ryan Price, of Meriden.

In this case, the focus was on the water coming from the Broad Brook Water Filtration plant and its impact on the West Main Street and Johnson Avenue neighborhoods.

However, Meriden’s Water Department says the water is fine.

“It was, I continue to drink it, I make my coffee with it, I fill my water bottle with it, continue to do it the whole time,” said Robert Peter, superintendent of operations at the Meriden Water Department.

Peter said the issue was fixed in March, but they had to send the letters out one month from the end of the first quarter, as required by law.

“We did some changes at the treatment plant and we came back in compliance as of March 12,” Peter said.

Haloacetic acids are formed when something like chlorine, which is used to disinfect the water, mixes with nutrients.

According to the EPA, the maximum containment level is .06 milligrams.

The tests in January and February were .066 and .062, which were slightly elevated.

“April came in today too and we’re still at .031 parts per million and .027 parts per million at those sites and well within the maximum contamination level,” Peter said.

“It does make me feel a little bit better, however I would like to see it in person, have a better answer.  I just feel it’s unacceptable and can’t let it happen to us,” Price said.

Now while the city says the water is fine, Price said he reached out to Meriden’s mayor and will also be contacting the water department.

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