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Legislators voted down three big bills before session ended

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Three big bills got voted down this year.

Recreational marijuana, tolls, and casinos were all talked about, but no action was taken.

After Vermont legalized recreational marijuana, all eyes turned to Hartford to see if lawmakers at the capitol would follow suit.

Lawmakers debated the issue, and there were rallies at the capitol for and against, but at the end of the day, legalized pot smoking has been shelved until 2019.

Tolls were another hot topic at the capitol this year.

What began as a suggestion to put tolls at the borders led to a plan to put them all over the state.

It too was dropped until 2019, much to the likely chagrin of gubernatorial candidates who will have to stake out a position and defend it to voters.

Toward the end of the session it looked like proponents of a casino in Bridgeport were getting some hope, a bill passed the House but didn't go any further.

It too now becomes a big issue in campaign 2018.

Several bills that came out of the session included restoring aid to cities and towns, fully funding the Medicare Savings Plan and to fund transportation for the next five years. 

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