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Fight over thousands of dollars continues between Ansonia schools and town

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The battle continues over thousands of dollars between the town of Ansonia and the school district (WFSB) The battle continues over thousands of dollars between the town of Ansonia and the school district (WFSB)

The town of Ansonia and its school district are engaged in one ugly battle over $600,000 dollars.

The town initially gave the schools the money but now, they say they need it back.

The town says if they don’t get the money, emergency services could be cut.

The schools are saying if they can’t keep the money, certain classes and band will be cut.

This fight is set to go to court and someone is going to lose here.

Ashmal Baij is a sophomore at Ansonia high and she has dreams of going to medical school.

“We’re AP students, we have to keep up our AP classes. If we show we did not take an AP class, that’s going to affect how colleges look at us,” said Baji.

Baji’s AP classes are in jeopardy of being canceled because of a lack of funding.

“It’s our futures, who are they to decide for us our future,” said Baji.

The mess Ansonia finds itself in stems from the delays on the state level last year when we were operating without a state budget for four months.

While things were being decided at the capitol, towns like Ansonia had to come up with a budget of its own and it was then when $600,000 was given to the schools.

“We put the budget together and awarded them this money in good faith,” said Daniel King from the Board of Apportionment and Taxation.

The town says the schools agreed the $600,000 would be taken back if more state aid eventually came through.

“They certainly agreed to it then because they didn’t know what they were going to get,” said King.

The schools said they never agreed to that.

“Any agreements that we made specifically in regard to funding, we put it in writing and there's signatures on both sides,” said Lisa Jones, Business Administrator of Ansonia Public Schools.

The state eventually came through and town officials say Ansonia schools got $1.2 million, so now the town is looking to reclaim the $600,000 they say is rightfully theirs.

“We did what we were legally able to do,” said King.

The schools are putting up a fight and are wanting to take the town to court.

“A municipality is not in the business of loaning their department funds,” said Jones.

In the meantime, Baji and her AP friends feel like their futures are being put on hold, as they wait to see how this will turn out.

“Colleges aren’t just going to look at us and our town. They’re going to look at us as individuals and not the budget cuts, they’re going to look at us and how we’re not taking AP classes,” said Baji.

The town says there’s proof that the schools agreed to give the money back if state aid came through.

Channel 3 asked officials to show us those documents. They say they’re at the clerk’s office, which was closed, so we’ll be requesting them on Friday.

Right now, the decision to take back the money sits with the Board of Aldermen.

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