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Baby suffers non-survivable injuries; Hartford couple arrested

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Edwin Babilonia and Ashley Perez face charges after their baby suffered what police called "unrecoverable injuries." (Hartford police) Edwin Babilonia and Ashley Perez face charges after their baby suffered what police called "unrecoverable injuries." (Hartford police)

A 6-week-old baby suffered what's being described as non-survivable injuries at the hands of a couple, according to police.

Police said on Friday they arrested parents 23-year-old Edwin Babilonia and 20-year-old Ashley Perez. They're accused of physically abusing the child.

They appeared in court on Friday morning. 

Officers said the child arrived at the Connecticut Children's Medical Center on Thursday just before 1 p.m.

They said the baby had cranial bleeding, severe bruising, rib fractures and a clavicle fracture. They said there was no way the injuries were self-inflicted.

“That’s a lot of injury to a 6-week-old baby," said Deputy Chief Brian Foley, Hartford police. "Disturbing to say the least.”

Police won't say how it the alleged abuse happened; however, they said it went on for days.

The baby continues to receive emergency care.

"We do believe this case is headed to a fatality at this point," Foley said.

Police determined that the injuries happened at an apartment belonging to Babilonia and Perez around 6 a.m. on Thursday.

They said they spent hours there on Thursday.

"The doctors had a suspicion," Foley said. "They gave it to police. Police talked to the parents and they explained in some detail what happened. We did a search of the apartment just to be thorough."

They said they developed probable cause against the couple and the incident was criminal in nature.

"There's a lot of layers to this," Foley said. "There's a shaken baby aspect and mental health issues."

Police said the baby has a twin. The other child is in the care of the Department of Children and Families.

Babilonia and Perez were charged with risk of injury to a minor and cruelty to persons. They could face more charges if the child dies.

The court set bail of $500,000 for Perez.

Perez's attorney asked for a medical and mental health watch. 

The judge set a $750,000 bond for Babilonia. 

Both suspects are scheduled to appear in court on June 8th. 

During his court appearance, the attorney for Babilonia said he has lived in the state for three months. He is from Puerto Rico and has a two and a three-year-old child. 

Babilonia said he was planning on visiting them in July and this incident was purely an accident. 

Both suspects were issued protective orders against the twin. 

According to the arrest warrant, Perez told police the baby woke up around 3 a.m. and wouldn't stop crying. She said that Babilonia took the baby awkwardly and dropped her, and the baby hit her head. 

Perez said she saw Babilonia take the baby to the bathroom, turn on the faucet, and heard the baby choking on gargling. When he came out of the bathroom, Perez said the baby was cross-eyed, limp, wet, and wheezing. 

Police said the couple waited until later that morning to take the baby to the hospital.

They are both expected to be back in court on June 8.

Foley spoke about the crime in a Facebook live with Channel 3. See it here.

The arrest warrant, which contains graphic content, can be found here.

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