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Expensive dining by Bloomfield council members prompts special meeting

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Bloomfield is holding a special meeting after an expensive dining incident (WFSB) Bloomfield is holding a special meeting after an expensive dining incident (WFSB)

Residents are upset over pricey meals ordered by Bloomfield town councilors.

One councilor ordered a $49 hamburger with taxpayers picking up the tab.

The expensive dining has prompted a special meeting at town hall.

At the town meeting, the council adopted the subcommittee's recommendation unanimously to stop the current policy, which allows town councilors to order whatever they want. 

The pricey meals were ordered while town councilors were working on a town budget.

Some are outraged over this and calling for an apology, and some of the money be returned.

Salmon, steaks and a $49 hamburger.

That is what Bloomfield town councilors have been dining on while working on a budget.

I think they are a little touched in the head. There's no way I should be able to pay for it. I barely can afford pizza,” said Al Yankee of Bloomfield.

Many find it hard to believe you could order a $49 hamburger, but you can at Republic. On the menu, it's called the heart attack burger and it’s made with Kobe beef, foie gras, and black truffles.

“I could tell you but I would prefer not to. I believe that should be the individual's calls,” said Suzette Debeathem-Brown, Mayor of Bloomfield.

Bloomfield's mayor calls this bad judgement and unacceptable.

"Going forward this will never happen again, and we will put policies in place to make sure it doesn't happen,” said Debeathem-Brown.

All together the total tab for meals was $2,500 for a number of meetings. 

"We have a new council, 7 of the 9 members are new members who really haven't held public office in the past,” said Philip Schenck, Bloomfield Town Manager.

Taxpayers aren't convinced inexperience is enough when budgets are tight. 

"I don't want my money spent that way, no, this is a budget, you have to have a budget going on,” said Trevor Bailey of Bloomfield.

In neighboring towns such as Windsor, there are limits on meals. The town manager says they order a $50 platter which feeds the entire council, which is 9 members.

The council will look at what other towns do and adopt a new policy. 

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