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West Hartford school bus caught running a red light

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A West Hartford bus was caught running a red light (David Greeley) A West Hartford bus was caught running a red light (David Greeley)

A school bus was caught on camera running a red light.

The incident happened at the intersection of Mountain Road and Farmington Avenue.

Not only did that driver not stop for the red light on Mountain Road, he or she blew through it going straight from this right turn only lane.

You can see the exclusive video here.

A West Hartford school bus driver caught in the act, going through a red light on Mountain Road Thursday afternoon.

“That’s a big vehicle, it certainly would have crushed my or anyone else’s car, or someone crossing the street,” said David Greeley, an eyewitness.

David Greeley was on Farmington Avenue and had the right of way.

“The light turned green for my green arrow, then I saw a school bus come through and usually I wait a second before I go anyways, but I was shocked that a bus with possibly kids on it, just going through a red light like that,” said Greeley.

Greeley’s dashcam was rolling, capturing the First Student bus driver apparently committing not one, but two violations.

“The bus was in the right turn lane, not in the straight lane, so they went around the cars to go straight and I was just really surprised,” said Greeley. “They had plenty of time to stop, and had they been in the correct lane, they would have been behind cars and shouldn’t have been going anyway.”

First Student said, "the driver has been removed from service as we review the incident." 

Assistant Superintendent Andrew Morrow tells Channel 3 in a statement, “Our students’ safety is our primary concern and this driver’s actions will be quickly addressed.”

First Student said in a statement, “We’re disappointed by the performance captured in the video, as it does not reflect first student’s dedication to safety or the rigorous training our drivers undergo.”

Both are now working together to identify the bus and the driver.

“You have children. When they’re hurt or killed, you can’t bring them back,” said Barbara Turner, a parent.

Turner is a parent and a former bus driver. She says professionals need to be held to a higher standard for the sake of children safety.

An incident like this is unfortunately all too common at this intersection.

During the 15 minutes Channel 3 was at the intersection, our cameras captured two cars disregarding the right turn only lane and going straight.

In both cases, the light wasn’t red.

“Safety first. Could have been kids walking in the intersection, there's cars, people driving,” said Turner.

The internal investigations at both the school department and bus company continues.

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