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Here's what Walter and Jesse's Better Call Saul appearance might be like


By Amanda Bell,

The dynamic duo that is (well, was) Walter White and Jesse Pinkman might not be re-joining the fold for Better Call Saul's fourth season, but to hear the talent talk, it's not so much a question of if it'll happen at this point, so much as when we might see the terrible twosome on-screen again.

Entertainment Weekly's newest issue features a 10-year reunion special with the cast and producers of the hit AMC series and got Breaking Bad stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, along with creator Vince Gilligan, to talk about what their big reprisal for the celebrated spin-off series might look like.

For Cranston, any old cameo will do. He told the mag he'd be happy even if it was just a "brush-by" sequence where he and Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) or someone else from his future on Breaking Bad exchanged a routine bit of pleasantry before going their separate ways. "We've come to know people who we've seen before but we don't know that we've seen them before, because we were in the store and we just passed by them," he said. "Or we might even have a word or two. 'Oh no, please go ahead.' 'Thank you for holding the door.' And then five years later, you would never remember that. So something as minuscule as that could be very interesting in the fabric of the whole thing. We have those kind of encounters every day, and I think that would be fun for the audience -- and the most honest."

And Paul is just as game for a return to the role but suspects it'd be more involved than just a quick cameo, saying, "I trust in Vince. I don't think he would just do that to satisfy the fans. It would have a purpose [...] if he does find that purpose, I'm happy to jump on board."

For his part, Gilligan seems to be leaning towards the latter option, indicating that it wouldn't "feel as satisfying" if Heisenberg and the kid just happened by in a shot or two. "I think we've waited long enough," he said. "We damn well better have a good reason for them to show up. I just hope we figure it out because I've got to hear, 'Yeah, b***h!' one more time."

Well, at least it sounds like Gilligan will make it worth the wait.

Better Call Saul is scheduled to return to AMC for its fourth season starting Monday, Aug. 6 at 9/8c.

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