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A guide to a single’s Valentine’s Day

By Daisy Whitney

If you're single, Valentine's Day does not have to be the day to tuck your head under the pillow and hibernate for 24 hours. Instead, celebrate your love for you, says Jerusha Stewart, author of "The Single Girl's Manifesta."  Here are her suggestions that don't involve crying yourself to sleep, mooning over a past love, or eating all the chocolate by yourself. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

  • Go to a neighborhood karaoke bar and belt out your best rendition of Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You," Celine Dion's "All By Myself" or Kelly Clarkson's  "Since You Been Gone."  
  • Spend the evening with other people you love and care about – parents, brothers and sisters, close friend and colleagues. Love takes many forms in our lives, so spend the evening with people you love. 
  • Write yourself a love letter, extolling your virtues. Mail it to yourself.
  • Throw a "sensational singles" party and give new love the chance to bloom. Decorate in passionate shades of red, purple or pink, give everyone a name tag, and set the course for Cupid to do his trick.

And if you just don't feel like going out, being bubbly or seeing anyone, Judy Carter, author of "The Comedy Bible," offers this tip: "Stay in and rent a movie, but stay away from sappy romance movies. They will just make you more miserable. Watch ‘Fatal Attraction' again. That will make your feel better.  You might be alone, but at least no one is making soup out of your pet rabbit," she says.