It’s called @ The Corner and it offers a seasonal menu.
Published: Mar. 9, 2022 at 6:15 PM EST
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LITCHFIELD, CT (WFSB) - Eyewitness News is taking you to a Litchfield restaurant where change is the only constant.

It’s called @ The Corner and it offers a seasonal menu.

Evolution is in its DNA.

When it first opened 16 years ago, owners Jayne and Red Lanphear say it was totally different.

It’s gotten a little more casual, and the menu is now seasonal.

When it comes to defining their cuisine, Executive Chef Carlos Perez calls it modern American.

The influences are global.

“We have influence from so many different places, so many different regions, different styles of cuisine we really can’t put a name to it,” Perez said.

Perez is the one who comes up with each season’s menu.

Right now for winter, some of their big hits include drunken pear brussels sprouts, beets salad, and Chinese winter duck.

The focus is always picking the best local ingredients, but supply chain woes and other pandemic issues have made menu development a bigger challenge.

“We kinda need to jump through a couple hurdles and really plan out our menus ahead of time before we just start executing them,” said Perez.

Even though it’s seasonal, there are some dishes that are offered all year.

The brussels sprouts is one of them.

It’s just season to season, an element of the dish will be tweaked.

“We look at what’s called our product mix and that’s what is selling, what can we not take off a menu because our customers would be just so upset if we took them off,” said Jayne Lanphear, co-owner.

Of course, you’ll need a drink.

@ The Corner only offers beer brewed in Connecticut.

It doesn’t just get its name for being on a street corner in the heart of Litchfield.

The restaurant also takes great pride for being the place where many great local products come together.

We’re not just talking food and drinks either.

They added a little store carrying local products.

You’ll find it inside of their brand-new taco bar, dubbed ATC South.

They decided to make this space after seeing how popular their tacos got.

It’s meant to give a different vibe from the other part of the restaurant, including its own bar.

The Lanphears never thought all of this would come to be since opening.

But, with the help of their staff, it was possible.

“Without them, we’re chop suey, we’re nothing. We love ‘em, we love our staff so much. We’ll do anything for them and they really work hard and do whatever they can for us to be successful,” said co-owner Red Lanphear.

For St. Patrick’s Day, At The Corner will have food and beer specials to celebrate.

For more information on @ The Corner, click here.