Published: Mar. 22, 2022 at 5:15 PM EDT
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BRISTOL, CT (WFSB) - Hartford County Tattoo in Bristol has been in business for 19 years and at the end of the day, it’s the art that matters most.

“There’s people that do portraits and there’s just classic old school work, there’s just a little bit of everything in here for everybody.”

Chad Lockhart opened the studio when his three kids were younger.

“I mean, honestly I had kids and my wife was a nurse at the time and we needed a way where she could stay home and raise the kids and I was already doing tattoos so I thought well, if I opened a studio and got a few people together we could probably afford to keep her home, so it’s kind of built out of a necessity to keep my wife at home and do the family thing,” Lockhart said.

Now, she’s also tattooing and running the desk.

They say getting and keeping the right people is very important.

“We always vet the right artists, so, however long it takes to find the right one and to keep the right one, it’s just so multi-faceted because it’s their personality and professionalism. We definitely have a different standard, this is not your typical tattoo studio,” said Lockhart.

You can see the private rooms for each artist, all representative of their individual style.

The art on the walls is not of tattoos you can pick out, but actually art you can buy.

“All the artwork throughout the studio has a lot of different places it comes from, but a lot of it comes from the community, but it sells, it goes and it’s a good place, I’ve had some people, single moms put up artwork that they do and pay for groceries. It’s just been great all the way around. Had some art shows, raise some money,” said Lockhart.

Lockhart says his favorite pieces to do include tattoos in memory of your loved ones, and hot rods and motorcycles.

He says they make sure you’re paired with the right artist for what you’re looking for.

They pride themselves on building relationships with each client.

“I think tattoos have grown to the point where it’s just for everybody. I tattoo surgeons and doctors, bikers and sailors. I mean everybody’s getting tattooed now. I probably tattoo five women for every guy. A lot more women are getting tattooed now. It’s changed a lot,” Lockhart said.

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