More than 40 vehicles were rifled through in Wolcott

Wolcott police reported that 41 vehicles were either broken into or simply entered through unlocked doors on Thursday night.
Published: Apr. 1, 2022 at 9:47 AM EDT|Updated: Apr. 1, 2022 at 4:58 PM EDT
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WOLCOTT, CT (WFSB) - Wolcott police reported that 41 vehicles were either broken into or simply entered through unlocked doors on Thursday night.

The Wolcott Police Department posted to social media that numerous items were stolen from a total of 41 vehicles.

“This occurred mostly in the Wolfs Hill Rd. elderly complex, also in the Brooks Hill Rd., [and] Munson Rd. area,” police said in a Facebook post. “In the past, thieves would just move on if the cars were locked. They evidently have become more brazen and are willing to break windows and cause noise.”

Usually, thieves work quickly.

They check for unlocked cars. If they’re locked, they move on.

If they see something in the car, maybe they’ll take the time to smash the window.

In this case, these thieves did none of that.

They just went car after car breaking windows.

“I said ‘oh my God, I left the window open.’ Then I sat in the car then I saw all the damage,” said Walter Cortes.

“I feel like we got infringed on in regards to our privacy,” said Florence Carlozzi.

Dozens of car owners in the senior living complex on Wolf Hill Road in Wolcott woke up to shattered glass and a rain-soaked car.

Police say at least 41 cars were broken into overnight.

“I’m very perceptive of my surroundings and perimeters. I usually pick up on things, and this really disturbs me,” Carlozzi said.

Police say the random destruction started around 4 this morning and lasted 90 minutes.

The thieves found a spot where there were a lot of cars and started discreetly busting windows.

“There’s alarms in these cars too, so how did they bypass all of this?” said Carlozzi.

“It was not as loud as a baseball bat going through because one of the cars had a little hole in it. If someone was stuck in the car, you have these tools to get in, this seems to be what they’re using,” said Wolcott Police Chief Edward Stephens.

It was evident the thieves didn’t bother to scout their victims.

Many car owners did exactly what police tell us to do.

They didn’t leave valuables inside and they locked their cars.

“Actually, they didn’t get anything. They just made a complete mess,” Carlozzi said.

“I believe this is a different type of criminal out there. They’re not caring, they’re not trying to hide it,” Stephens said.

It didn’t take long before police caught up with one suspect.

Thomas Crawford, 31, was arrested at Pat’s IGA, not far from the senior complex.

Police are also looking for Hannah Casperson.

The 25-year-old was last seen driving a white Hummer on I-84 west.

Crawford is being charged with at least 41 counts of burglary and larceny and Chief Stephens wants him behind bars for a long time.

Police say Crawford had that hole punching device used to break into cars in his pocket when he was arrested.

They say they also found broken glass on him too.

Police say Crawford is being held at the Wolcott Police Department on a $75,000 bond.

They asked anyone who saw anything suspicious to give them a call at 203-879-1414.