Published: Apr. 7, 2022 at 4:45 PM EDT
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DARIEN, CT (WFSB) – Small Business Spotlight heads to Onewith Swim in Darien.

Spring break is in full swing, and that means it’s only a matter of time before it’s summer.

If you’re already thinking about the pool or the beach, you might not be alone.

“I was trying on dozens of swimsuits before a trip to Miami in the middle of my living room and I just hated the way every single one looked and felt. And I literally said out loud out of sheer frustration I just want a swimsuit that fits me as well as my seamless underwear does,” said Hayley Segar.

Hayley took her frustration and came up with a solution: Onewith Swim.

“I really just had to take the existing concept of raw cut, no show underwear that generally people are pretty familiar with and make that swimable. Right?” said Hayley.

She says the technology is patent-pending and since it launched in November, people have really seemed to love it.

“It’s been incredible. We went viral last month on Tik Tok and we sold out and actually ended up over-selling a lot of product and so we have just been trying to scale and keep up with the demand ever since,” Hayley said.

Hayley, who is originally from Connecticut, has taken her New England roots and used them for Onewith.

Naming each item after locations in the tri-state, like the best-selling Woodmont Bottoms, named after a borough in Milford.

“It’s cool because I’ve infused so much Connecticut into this brand so I love that people from all over the country are getting a taste of New England summers,” said Hayley.

Hayley says she really thought she’d be selling more to women in the northeast, but a lot of swimsuits are shipping south.

She says it’s filling a need in the market.

“The product is meant to again, just be one with your body, lay flat on top of your skin. It’s not meant to compress or squeeze or mold your body into anything that it’s not and therefore leave you feeling uncomfortable, so again we really love that message of body neutrality and just getting a garment you feel really good in and if that leads to you feeling more confident at the beach or the pool, wherever, then we’re really happy about that,” Hayley said.

In just a few weeks, Hayley says they’re releasing more basic colors in addition to the fun bright designs they previously launched.

For more information on Onewith Swim click here.

You can find Onewith Swim on Instagram here.