Kids learn about animals at Auerfarm in Bloomfield

Spring break at Auerfarm in Bloomfield
Published: Apr. 12, 2022 at 7:23 PM EDT
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BLOOMFIELD, CT (WFSB) - It was a perfect afternoon to get outside for some kids to learn about life on the farm at Auerfarm in Bloomfield.

“I’m learning about how to help animals and how to like care for them,” said Grace Hermance.

“I get to pet the animals and feed them,” said Nora Lesniack.

During spring break for many it’s a great time to get outside.

“We’ve spent so much time inside especially winter and the pandemic and all the rules you can come out here and run around and roll down a hill it’s just a place where people should absorb nature and get in the fresh air

Jonni Marshall, coordinator at the farm, says there is so much to do there.

“We’ve got hiking trails you can come see the animals, spend some time with them we have a play forest which is a wonderful place to go and just explore nature and they can take a look at our gardens and how they’re progressing,” Marshall said.

“We have the livestock, we have the alpacas and the sheep and goats, we have cows and donkeys and we even have mini horses a lot of the kids love to go through the buddy barn where we have a pig we will also have a lot of baby chicks and ducks that the public can see and we teach classes about them,” said Marshall.

There are maps at the visitor center and a fun scavenger hunt the kids can do at the farm. You can find it on their Facebook page.

Summer camp starts at the farm in June.

Visit to Auerfarm in Bloomfield for spring break