Something’s Cooking: Giv Coffee

SOMETHING'S COOKING: Giv Coffee in Canton
Published: Apr. 27, 2022 at 6:37 PM EDT
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CANTON, CT (WFSB) - A coffee shop in Canton is roasting excellent coffee, and each cup of joe is tied to some important humanitarian efforts.

Wednesday’s Something’s Cooking heads to Giv Coffee.

Giv opened up almost seven years ago.

From the start, the focus has been on quality coffee and giving back to the community.

“It’s smooth, it’s the best in town,” said Bonita Rothmann of Simsbury.

“It’s got the real coffee robust flavor that we like and if the coffee needs cream or sugar, we don’t drink it,” said Louie Termini of Brooklyn, New York.

Giv sources its coffee from Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Ethiopia.

“It’s just good coffee. That’s why I come here,” said Warren Humphrey of Canton.

The coffee beans are roasted in a facility right next to the coffee shop.

Bags are also filled for wholesale distribution.

“Being able to roast the coffee there and then brew it here, we get to see it very closely which allows us to excel in quality and excel in how we put the coffee out,” said Jeff Brooks.

Jeff is the co-owner of Giv Coffee.

He says the go-to drinks are usually flavored lattes, but the baked goods are also a hit.

“We also developed a liege waffle recipe which is sort of the cousin of a typical Belgian waffle,” said Jeff.

“So from day one, the first and foremost mission of the company was to give to different works of compassion so now we give $1 from every retail bag we sell,” Jeff said.

Those works of compassion include anti-human trafficking work in Thailand, an orphanage in Nicaragua and supporting youth camps for children in the North end of Hartford.

“If somebody is buying a bag, they’re inadvertently a part of these great works,” said Jeff.

In addition to serving cappuccinos, americanos and pour overs, Brooks says his staff work to set a tone of kindness.

“To be able to touch so many people within a community just by being kind, smiling, by having these guys who do an amazing job, I mean there’s a smile right,” Jeff said.

Those smiles, quality coffee and emphasis on giving back are what keep customers returning.

“It’s just a very friendly place and very welcoming. Staff are great,” said Steve Teate of Bloomfield.

For more information on Giv Coffee, click here.