20 Towns in 20 Days heads to West Hartford

1995 Conard graduates remember businesses in West Hartford center in the 90s.
Published: May. 2, 2022 at 5:42 PM EDT
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WEST HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) – 20 towns in 20 days is taking you back 27 years to West Hartford.

Bill Clinton was in the White House, the Backstreet Boys were hot, and ER was the number one show on television.

Four young ladies were graduating from Conard High School in West Hartford.

They had a lot of fun all those years ago, and they still are.

Julie Braiewa, Liz Mattus Sinatro, Kelly Trinks Culmo and Mary Sinatro Keany still remember their cheers from their volleyball days back at Conard back in 1995.

The ladies say without social media or texting, they drove around to find people to hang out with.

Julie drove a Volkswagen Quantum.

Liz drove what she called a “box.” It was a brown station wagon from her grandparents.

Kelly got rides from everyone else, while Mary drove the biggest car her dad could find for her: a Bronco.

Those cars would take them to the hot spots in town, like Elm Theater, Hilliard’s, Val’s, and Friendly’s.

The ladies also worked during high school at several different jobs, like a salad and sandwich shop and the Tunxis Pharmacy.

West Hartford center was a very different place. There was no Blue Back Square, and not as many restaurants.

We picked five places that are no longer there.

Liz remembers Bennett’s, which was right across the street where Blue Mercury is now. She says they used to go in after school and buy candy and stickers.

Julie talked about Record Express, which is where Francesca’s is now. They would get buttons, posters, and CDs.

Mary remembers Hillard’s, which is where BK & Co. is now. It was an old chocolate company that was famous for their brittle and chocolate eggs.

Kelly worked at Val’s, a deli that had sandwiches and salads.

The Elbow Room moved into that spot and has stood the test of time.

The ladies say everybody hung out at Friendly’s and it was a hot spot in West Hartford center.

20 Towns in 20 Days heads to North Haven on Tuesday!

Scot takes us back to West Hartford in 1995!