20 Towns in 20 Days: Farmington

Eyewitness News visits Farmington for 20 Towns in 20 Days!
Published: May. 9, 2022 at 6:43 PM EDT
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FARMINGTON, CT (WFSB) - We are headed back to the 90s in Farmington as 20 Towns in 20 Days continues.

Eyewitness News caught up with some gal pals who have been best friends since the first grade and are taking a walk down memory lane.

The ladies you are about to meet graduated in 1993.

They have been living in and loving the town of Farmington for decades.

Nadine Canto and Missy Byrne remember the Class of 1993 at Farmington High like yesterday.

“Yes we met at East Farms in 1991. Born and raised in Farmington.”

The said the big hang out spot in high school was McDonald’s.

Today that McDonald’s is still there, just bigger and fancier.

That’s true for much of Farmington. This historic charm lives on as Missy and Nadine now have children at Farmington High School.

In their day, everything seemed simpler.

“It was a great time innocent time we enjoyed our friendships.”

They loved field hockey and still think of the coach as a mentor in life.

“We were there for each other one team no ‘I’ in work team always stuck with me, favorite memories run hill with the ‘F’ on it.”

Even today the senior patio is still the place to be at Farmington High.

Only seniors can be on senior patio, or there would be consequences.

They managed to escape consequences from senior skip day.

“We drove to Misquamicut and we didn’t put sun protection on, very burnt!”

Westfarms was built the year they were born, and they loved to ride the bus there and hang out after school.

Nadine is on the school board now and the high school will be rebuilt.

There is no word on if there will still be a senior patio, but some things seem to always endure in this historic New England town.

“That area of Main Street lot of nostalgia being here. Schools are so good we continue to raise our kids here.”

Some of the favorite spots in Farmington in the 90s were Friendly’s and McDonald’s.

They say the words community and tradition describe Farmington the best.

Eyewitness News met up with Frank Amara, who was born and raised in Farmington, and is now raising his kids there.

McDonald’s is still right where it was, just fancier now.

The old Friendly’s was the ice cream hang out, and today it’s the Unionville Diner.

But in the quintessential New England town, Frank says many Farmington friends have grown where they were planted.

“At its core all still about people relationships and families all still here and we are a little older it’s why I am back here with my kids,” said Frank.

Back then prom meant big hair and boutonnieres, and kids loved biking after school more than screens.

The big “F” at Farmington High is still a landmark today.

9-year-old Lucy and 11-year-old Joey love living in Farmington too, but when it comes to town pizza wars this family is at odds over crust.

“So there’s Georges here, folding boxes give us sodas, People’s Choice and Naples Pizza in Farmington Center.”

Dad is loyal to George’s.

Lucy chose Naples, and Joey likes People’s Choice.

Farmington in the 90s