Richard Dabate guilty on all charges in murder case

Jury deliberating in Dabate murder trial
Published: May. 9, 2022 at 6:15 AM EDT|Updated: May. 9, 2022 at 6:51 AM EDT
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VERNON, CT (WFSB) - Richard Dabate is guilty on all charges in the Ellington Murder Case.

Dabate is guilty on charges of murder, tampering-physical evidence, and false statement.

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After five weeks of testimony, the conclusion to an infamous murder trial in Connecticut could be right around the corner.

Richard Dabate of Ellington is accused of killing his wife days before Christmas in 2015.

A jury is deciding the fate of Richard Dabate.

The Ellington man accused of killing his wife in 2015.

It comes after more than a month of testimony in court.

His attorneys had a brief statement outside of court Monday.

“The jury is now deliberating, they’re obviously working very hard. We’ll be back tomorrow where they’ll continue that,” said Trent LaLima, Dabate’s attorney.

In their closing arguments, both sides stuck to the claims they made in the weeks of this trial.

For prosecutors, trying to show Richard Dabate planned to kill his wife.

The defense maintained their client’s innocence.

After more than a hundred witnesses and hundreds of pieces of evidence have been submitted, a jury of 12 is now deciding the fate of Richard Dabate.

In their closing argument, the prosecution says Richard and Connie’s marriage was failing, and he planned to kill her after getting his mistress pregnant.

Leading to the story a masked intruder broke into their home, then shot and killed her around 9 a.m. December 23rd, 2015.

The prosecution brought up how Connie’s Fitbit data showed her moving around after the time Richard told authorities, and how Richard’s cellphone pinned him to his home that morning, despite his story that he left home to drop his kids off at school and that he was on his way to work before heading back home to get his laptop.

The defense addressed the technological evidence in their closing argument, questioning the accuracy of Fitbits and cellphones, and for the jury to consider their reliability back in 2015.

They also said there are several points of reasonable doubt in the prosecution’s case.

One of them, the fact unknown DNA was found in the Dabates’ home, including on the gun that killed Connie, and testimony a house cleaner may have seen a dark green figure move past the window at the time of the crime.

In rebuttal, the prosecution says there is evidence to suggest the cleaner’s view could have been distorted.

Before the jury began deliberating, the judge charged them, instructing them on what they have to do to reach their verdict.

Richard Dabate’s attorney spoke on his behalf outside of court on Friday.

“I’m not going to be commenting on any specific evidence [Friday],” said Trent Lalima, Richard Dabate’s attorney. “I’ll obviously be commenting in the argument on Monday. Rick’s not going to have any other comment. He obviously testified [Thursday].”

Richard Dabate is out on a $1 million bond.

Jury deliberating in Richard Dabate murder case
After five weeks of testimony, the conclusion to an infamous murder trial in Connecticut could be right around the corner.
Both sides rested their cases last week. Final arguments are expected to begin on Monday.