Southington mom starts Facebook group to help find formula

Woman creates baby formula Facebook group
Published: May. 11, 2022 at 5:31 PM EDT
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SOUTHINGTON, CT (WFSB) - Parents continue to struggle finding baby formula, with no end to the shortage in sight.

One Southington mom has made it her mission in Connecticut to make finding formula a little easier.

As stores like CVS have put limits on how much formula you can buy, Rachel Wrightington is helping connect parents with one another to get the formula they need.

She started a Facebook group called Find my Formula CT.

Wrightington started it a few months ago when the shortage started to ramp up.

“My son has very bad reflux, so he can’t be on anything other than a specific one,” said Wrightington. “There’s a lot of us that can’t breastfeed, they can’t go back to that, you know, our babies are on special formulas that we need to have.”

A recall and closure of a factory belonging to the country’s biggest baby formula supplier exacerbated the problem.

National out-of-stock levels jumped to 40 percent by April 24.

The group is public, so anyone can join and post about what they need.

Other members then share where they’ve seen formula or offer to hand it off to someone in need.

It’s been very helpful for those who need certain formulas, like Wrightington.

“A lot of us had sample cans we didn’t use, but other people needed that we didn’t, we didn’t know them, I figured it’d be a good network to try to help other moms that couldn’t find what their baby was on,” said Wrightington.

The formula shortage has caused some concern with doctors.

“Their electrolyte levels in their blood will be unbalanced. they’ll have low potassium and low sodium levels and that can lead to severe seizures and unfortunately can lead to death,” said Pediatrician Dr. Stephen Maddox.

He warns, don’t switch to milk if you’re low on formula, unless your child is close to 12 months. Drinking cows’ milk too early can cause other health problems.

Wrightington is trying to connect more families with the group, so others won’t get low on formula.

“I’ve met people on my group that were driving 45 minutes just to pick up formula because somebody else had it, so I mean, it’s been very helpful,” said Wrightington.

The FDA said they are meeting and working with baby formula manufacturers to find ways to increase production.

Mom creates Facebook group to help find baby formula