Bright Spot: Local farmer donates flowers to seniors

Local farmer donates flowers to seniors
Published: May. 12, 2022 at 5:51 PM EDT
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NEW MILFORD, Conn. (WFSB) - A young farmer in New Milford has been making a huge impact in the lives of senior citizens in the greater Danbury area.

As another flower blooms at the ‘From Dirt to Flowers’ flower farm in New Milford, another senior citizen in the Danbury area smiles.

“This is kind of what they look like when they’re fully open, and this is for the residents,” explained Bernard Henry.

The beautiful arrangements which he grows are placed in a mason jar tied with a ribbon. Then they are dropped off at two Danbury nursing homes, an assisted living home in Newtown and Danbury Regional Hospice.

“It’s 100% non-profit; I just charge for the bulbs, the cost of driving...”

The money comes from donations which Henry matches. “There’s nothing I’m profiting from, just something to do good for the community.”

It was an idea born out of the pandemic.

“All the residents were locked in their rooms and couldn’t go out. So, I figured a bouquet would at least brighten up their day.”

The first year, Bernard donated 80 bouquets. “And then I posted on my Instagram and Facebook and it kind of blew up from there.”

This medical student turned farmer has made quite the splash on social media. He now has over 118,000 Instagram followers and 11 million on his TikTok account ‘Fat Hen Farms.’

“I just kind of found my passion with animals, and I feel like you have to love what you do.”

So, Henry literally returned to his roots, taking over his grandparents’ farm right off of Route 7.

Initially, he started ‘Fat Hen Farms’ with just chickens… “And then it kind of expanded out of nowhere. We have emus, turkey, quail, all kinds of birds here now.”

And through his love of animals and nature, Henry has been able to do even more good from March to October, one stem at a time.

“I actually expanded to 500 bouquets last year, and this year hopefully we can reach 800 to 1,000 if it keeps going.”