20 Towns in 20 Days: Bristol

Bristol in the 90s and now
Published: May. 13, 2022 at 6:31 PM EDT
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BRISTOL, CT (WFSB) - Eyewitness News is revisiting the 90s in Bristol for 20 Towns in 20 Days.

There is no love lost between Bristol Eastern and Bristol Central when it comes to that Thanksgiving morning annual football game.

Folks who graduated from both high schools back in the 90s put that rivalry aside and talked everything they had in common, from 90s fashion to friends and fun.

Eyewitness News took the trio, all who graduated in the 90s, back to school.

We met at Tunxis Community College, where they all work, to talk about high school in Bristol back in the day.

“I remember it as a care-free time before iPhones and screens and sitting behind keyboards,” said Darryl Reome.

Darryl graduated from Bristol Eastern in 1993.

So did Margaret Vancott.

They were in the same class.

She remembers all the fun.

“I would say friends, family, and sports. I played sports and it was a great time,” said Margaret.

Deborah Mendoza graduated with the Class of 1990 from Bristol Central.

For her, those days were all about big hair and the marching band.

“The band, the games, the pep rallies, playing at the football game,” Deborah said.

They call it a time they still look back on and smile.

Pictures help tell their stories, including the way they dressed.

“Where you cuffed them and rolled the pants,” said Margaret.

“Did you do that?” Eyewitness News asked.

“Oh God yes. The Z Cavaricci pants,” Margaret said.

They also talked about what they did for fun.

“We just met and we would hang out for a while until the cops came and they just moved us along. That’s all they did on Friday night was just move us,” Margaret said.

Deborah drove a yellow Mercedes Benz.

“It lasted for maybe about a year and a half. It was diesel they called it the banana boat!” she said.

Music, movies and tv like Nirvana, Ace Ventura and In Living Color, helped defined the decade.

“You had to go out of your way to the movies or buy music or go the newsstand to buy a magazine and learn about pop culture,” said Darryl.

“Or you had to record favorite song on the radio. You had to quickly hit record and hope the DJ didn’t talk too much.”

“Casey and the count down on Sunday mornings,” said Deborah.

That rivalry football game on thanksgiving morning between the two high schools is still a tradition today.

“Whoever won got the bell, and it would go back to their school and sit with all the trophies for the year,” said Margaret.

“We always won the bell during my years. I was okay with that!” Deborah said.

Now 30 years removed, the memories are clearer.

“I just remember it being free-spirited, fun a really great time. You had the love and support of people around you. Because they were always around you,” said Darryl.

An instant reminder of a time they all say they won’t forget.

Bristol in the 90s