East Windsor PD’s crime dashboard helps keep community informed

Crime dashboard helps keep community informed in East Windsor
Published: May. 18, 2022 at 7:08 PM EDT
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EAST WINDSOR, CT (WFSB) - The East Windsor Police Department has a fairly new tool to help the serve the community better.

“Our real authority comes from our community and this helps us,” said Lieutenant Matthew Carl with East Windsor Police.

For nearly the past year the department has been using its new dashboard.

The tool was created with the goal of wanting to provide transparency to the community.

“It’s the policy of the East Windsor Police Department to be transparent with the public with everything we do as much as we can for safety reasons and we have developed the dashboard,” Carl said. “We have tried to put things in there like the use of force crime trends, what we are seeing locally in crime trends our traffic analysis. We also have a traffic complaint process where people can file complaints.”

The department says this type of dashboard to their knowledge is the first of its kind in the state and plan for it to be utilized even further in the future.

“If we want to maximize our mental health response to the community we can use this to show the times and dates that we are seeing the most calls for service for mental health. We then can take whatever resources we have for part time or full time mental health social workers we can put those in those times and dates and get the most response with our officers,” Carl said.

They are able to use the mappings of the area to track crime trends.

“One of the things with crime trends if we see trends in burglary multivehicle break-ins which is pretty popular catalytic converts unfortunately. We are struggling with a state or country with some of those things. We can see where these thigs are actually happening and redirect our forces or police services,” said Carl.

Police say they receive a high volume of calls for service at the Mill Pond Apartment Complex.

Thanks to their dashboard they are able to track that information and provide additional resources.

“Basically we get calls here all the time. There is always police here for some reason and a lot of people like to exaggerate about what could be happening, what doesn’t happen and stuff like that so to have a dashboard to have that knowledge and information there would be greatly helpful for us to be safe and know exactly what’s going on in our community,” said Megan Chipman-Demonte of East Windsor.