Students and parents react to stabbing at Hartford Public High School

Students and parents react to stabbing at Hartford Public High School
Published: May. 24, 2022 at 6:52 PM EDT|Updated: May. 25, 2022 at 12:27 AM EDT
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HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) – Students and parents are reacting to a stabbing at Hartford Public High School Tuesday.

A few students shared what it was like when the incident happened.

“I am feeling a little petrified. I’m not going to lie I have never really experienced a code red before what I mean nothing too serious like this, this the first,” said Isaiah Mack, junior.

Isaiah and Rakesh, who are juniors at Hartford Public High School, say they were inside the cafeteria when they heard the school was on a code red lockdown.

“A code red is when something very serious happening at the school like a shooting or someone with a gun or something dangerous or something like this happens,” said Rakesh Achaibar.

“I was spooked like I said I never experienced a code red. For anyone else that is watching try to keep you distance form certain people because you never know how they might react to certain things you say to them and things like this can happen,” said Isaiah.

The teens say they went into lockdown around 11:30 a.m. and did not find out what was going on until they went on social media and saw our coverage.

Another junior said she saw the aftermath of the stabbing and says it was shocking.

“I saw a lot of blood on the ground and looked like a trail of blood like he was walking and bleeding so there was a long trial going through the hallways and stuff like that,” said Jalyzia Perez, junior.

The teens say they did not know the victim personally but have seen them around.

“That’s what’s going around that it was a planned fight and that’s kind of how it happened,” said Jalyzia.

Hartford public schools released a statement sharing that they will be providing on-site counseling services to students, staff and families.

Additional school security officers are being placed and they will maintain an increased presence at the high school.

Parents are also sharing their feelings on the incident.

They had many questions, were concerned and upset.

“Yes that’s the last time I talked to you I was telling you I was coming to you and I came over here and everything was blocked off,” said Shacoya Bolton, a parent.

Shacoya’s son attends Hartford Public High School.

She was one of the first parents to arrive at the school.

She says no parent should experience what all the parents of these students are feeling tonight.

“Parents make sure your children are safe make sure that their environment is safe. I’m sorry to say I live in Hartford, and I don’t want to downplay my residents, my people but I don’t wanna be in Hartford anymore because of this. Our community it starts with us and its starts at home,” said Shacoya.

She was just one of several parents who rushed to the school after hearing about the stabbing.

Some parents were visibly upset while waiting for their kids to walk out.

Hartford Public Schools released a statement on the incident:

This morning shortly after 11:00, a student was stabbed outside of the Hartford Public High School building. Staff acted immediately and appropriately, placing a Code Red to ensure the safety of all students and staff. The Code Red has since been lifted, and the school day is resuming as scheduled. The Hartford Police Department’s preliminary investigation revealed this was an isolated incident, and they have apprehended another student.

The student who was stabbed was taken to the hospital where they received appropriate medical treatment. Hartford Public Schools will be providing support to students, staff, and family, including on-site counseling services. Additional School Security Officers were deployed and will maintain an increased presence at Hartford Public High School.

We commend our school health team and our security officers for acting quickly and providing immediate care to the student. They were able to control and stabilize the situation until police and EMTs arrived.

Hartford Public Schools
Investigation into stabbing at Hartford Public High School