Bright Spot: School resource officer joins students on dance floor at senior prom

School resource officer joins students on dance floor at senior prom
Published: May. 27, 2022 at 5:22 PM EDT
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CHICAGO, IL (WFSB) - A school resource officer in suburban Chicago is showing off his dance moves to connect with his students.

Jamere Price is the school resource officer at Joliet Township High School West and is tasked with keeping the nearly three thousand students who walk those halls safe.

Not only that, he’s working to create relationships with them in a more meaningful way.

And that’s just what he did at the school’s senior prom. A video shows Price out on the dance floor surrounded by students.

“For a while the music was on maybe there was a shoulder lean and there and a couple of kids pushed me out there and it just happened.”

Price put aside his normal duties to show a different side to school resource officers.

“Usually I’m the guy that shows up, says hi and leave, but the ‘Dougie’ came on and I had been practicing a couple of days ago, and it just happened.”

Then the DJ mixed another one of Price’s favorite jams. “That may have encouraged me to stay a little longer. Yeah, [because] we were leaning and rocking with it a little bit.”

Price says he feels that the music helps him connect deeper with the teens, which many argue what true community policing is all about. “We have three other school officers that do the same thing I do. Yes, they may not have been at prom doing the ‘Soul Train line,’ but that’s what it’s about when you’re building relationships with these kids. They’re your first interaction sometimes with law enforcement.”

And after the prom, Price says he is now forced to defend his dance title.