Milford making changes at Walnut Beach after fights on Memorial Day

Beach brawl prompts changes in Milford
Published: Jun. 1, 2022 at 12:00 AM EDT|Updated: Jun. 1, 2022 at 4:18 PM EDT
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MILFORD, CT (WFSB) – Milford is making a number of changes to Walnut Beach after unruly crowds sparked fights Memorial Day.

It was caught on camera.

Thanks to that video, police have good leads as to who was there and involved.

Going forward, the city is taking a number of steps in the hope of preventing something like this from happening again later this summer.

It was wild scene Monday at the beach.

Officers tried to break up a number of fights and were overwhelmed by the large holiday crowd.

“It was awful, we left, I heard about it, saw all the cops coming and was like why, this is my beach, I live here, don’t mess it up, I don’t understand,” said Connor Dudley of Milford.

Police said two officers had their body cameras pulled off when they were knocked to the ground.

Police are looking to identify those in the video, adding they’ll be pursuing charges for the theft of the camera and others in connection to the disturbance.

“I’ve been coming down here for years and almost always it’s pretty mellow down here, so I have a feeling it was the Memorial Day, with the huge crowds,” said Jeff Proud of Milford.

In response, Milford is putting in a number of new protocols.

An orange fence is going up around the perimeter of the beach, meaning if you’re going to walk into the park, you’ll have to do so through the main entrance.

This way they can better monitor those coming and going.

Effectively immediately, new parking restrictions will be in place for the Walnut Beach lots.

An officer was ticketing cars that didn’t have a Milford beach sticker or a receipt for paid parking, either $40 for the day or $5 an hour out on the street.

Milford police said they’re closely tracking and monitoring any social media announcements promoting what they’re calling future unauthorized, un-permitted events, adding those organizing and attending will be prosecuted.

In a statement, the city says:

“I think we got great beaches here, just keep it safe, keep it good,” said Dudley.

Anyone with information into Monday’s fights is asked to call Milford police at 203-874-2366.

Milford making changes after fights at Walnut Beach