Small Business Spotlight: Hartford Artisan Weaving Center

Channel 3′s small business spotlight headed to Hartford Artisan Weaving Center, where preserving, promoting, and teaching the craft of hand weaving is their mis
Published: Jun. 2, 2022 at 5:41 PM EDT
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HARTFORD, Conn. (WFSB) - This week, Channel 3′s small business spotlight takes us to Hartford Artisan Weaving Center, where preserving, promoting, and teaching the craft of hand weaving is their mission.

“We teach classes for the public, we run sales and curate exhibits, and we run our artisan program which is the program that creates all the products that you see here. We have artisans who are 55 and older, and artisans who are blind or low vision,” said Ann Kolleger, Executive Director.

The center was started in 2009 and features artisans of all ages and ability. Many of their products are even for sale, including pillows, towels, and scarves.

“I think one of the things that people who weave here with no sight enjoy the most is the opportunity to participate in a visual, creating a visual tangible product. Our products are high quality but also really textured so a lot of times you’ll see people in the studios with no sight who are sitting and touching the fiber as they weave it so they can actually interact with it in that way,” Said Anne.

Joanna Bolduc, a board member who has been weaving for nine years, lost her vision in 2002. She found comfort and community within the center.

“It’s an opportunity if you like to shop local, like to shop small, you know there’s a real connection here between the people who design and create the products that we make and the customer as well,” Anne said.

They also provide custom orders, giving customers the chance to own one of their handmade pieces.

“Custom orders are a little bit different where that’s something if you have a special event coming up or something you’d like to see in your house we can do that as well, so we’ve done things like shawls for bridal parties, we’ve done tallits, we’re just finishing up a floor runner for someone’s home… so we can do all those kinds of things as well.”

Hartford Artisan Weaving Center is open Monday through Thursday 10am to 4pm and Friday 10pm-2pm.

For more information on Hartford Artisan Weaving Center click here.