Something’s Cooking: Good News Restaurant and Bar

Good News Restaurant and Bar
Published: Jun. 3, 2022 at 6:35 PM EDT
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Woodbury, CT- (WFSB) - A legendary Connecticut chef is using her incredible skills to create delicious meals and raise money for a cause that is close to her heart.

The owner of Good News Restaurant and Bar, Carole Peck, was a pioneer in the farm to table movement. She remains an industry innovator but is also using her incredible skills to help others.

Both of Carole’s parents are Ukrainian. She used to visit relatives there as a child, so Russia’s invasion has been emotional.

Carole realized she could use her culinary superpowers to help. She created “a taste for Ukraine” menu at her restaurant.

Diners are asked to make a donation on top of their bill, and the response has been spectacular.

“People have been so generous, it’s outrageous. People are ‘oh I’m throwing you a twenty, a fifty,’ somebody the other day has given me a five-hundred-dollar check,” said Carole.

So far, Carole has raised more than forty thousand dollars for World Central Kitchen in Ukraine.

People have been generous, but Carole’s dishes are just as big a part of the success.

“It’s been great people are loving it. They’ll come in and say, ‘I ate everything off the Ukrainian menu,’” Carole tells us.

Some of the fabulous dishes they offer are their fresh spring salad with pickled egg, the chilled cherry soup with cinnamon honey sour cream, and the Ukrainian honey cake.

If you would like to know more about Good News Restaurant and Bar or would like to donate to Ukraine via their website, click here.