More people gardening as inflation rises

More people gardening as inflation gets worse
Published: Jun. 6, 2022 at 6:02 PM EDT
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Southington, CT- (WFSB) - As grocery store prices rise, some in our state are rolling up their sleeves to start planting their own vegetable gardens.

Head gardener at Winterberry Gardens, Sebby Milano, says plants like tomatoes and peppers thrive on the summertime heat.

They offer seeding classes here at Winterberry Gardens, providing materials and expert advice.

They already have a class on planting fall veggies like broccoli and spinach in July.

Milano says, among some tips, make sure you fertilize and weed, and don’t overwhelm yourself with too many plants at first.

He’s seen a huge interest in growing since a year or two before the pandemic started.

“I think they had the time to get started and once they started it, they liked it, and now they’re continuing to do it, and we’re also finding the trend is moving more towards container gardening. In the past it was all in the ground traditional tilling, that kind of thing, now we find people are growing vegetables right in their flower gardens, in their decks, around their pools,” Milano says.

You can buy seeds or plants from Winterberry Gardens to put in the ground, then add them to your fresh summer salads. For more info you can CLICK HERE.

People turn to gardening as food costs rise