Beech leaf disease impacting CT forests

Beech tree disease impacting forests in CT
Published: Jun. 7, 2022 at 5:39 PM EDT
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HAMDEN, CT. (WFSB) - Scientists are concerned about a new disease impacting our forests, beech leaf disease.

The disease is caused by foliar nematodes, microscopic worm-like organisms.

They increase into populations during the summer and migrate into buds in the fall, where they reproduce and cause damage to bits of the tissue that become leaves for the following year.

Beech leaf disease was first reported in our state in 2019 and since has gotten progressively worse.

This could have a significant impact on our forests throughout the state as without their leaves beech trees could eventually die.

“You know the beech canopy is normally a lush, multi layered, canopy. You lose that now there’s a different light regime on the forest floor that then promote the invasives that we’re already having a hard time dealing with,” says Bob Marra, associate Scientist and Forest pathologist from the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station.

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Beech tree damage