Bright Spot: 7-year-old UPS fan gets special delivery

7-year-old UPS fan gets special delivery
Published: Jun. 7, 2022 at 5:32 PM EDT
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SACRAMENTO, CA (WFSB) - A 7-year-old with Down Syndrome has dreams of becoming a UPS driver, so that he can deliver the kind of joy he sees them deliver every day.

Drew Bausman is a huge fan of UPS. “Every time a UPS truck would go by, UPS!” explains his mom, Becky.

His favorite color is even brown, and he dresses the part every chance he gets.

“We got him a little uniform for Halloween and it stuck. He started wanting to deliver packages to his friends, and he told everyone who would listen that he wants to be a UPS driver when he grows up.”

Becky says it is because UPS delivers joy, which is fitting. “Joy is kind of my platform as it relates to Down Syndrome because, to be honest, having a kid with Down Syndrome has been the greatest source of joy in my life.”

And on Monday, UPS delivered something special to Drew, making his biggest dream come true. He got to suit up in brown and bring parcels filled with presents to his peers.

Ian Gettys, a UPS driver, was a part of this special day. “We heard that he loves delivering, loves UPS, and loves bringing joy to, what we do, to other people.”

In a miniature truck decorated with flames and filled with packages, Gettys drove Drew to his school and honking to announce their arrival together.

Mom, Becky says the gesture meant the world to her and her family. “Here’s this little kid who would do anything that anybody asked, freely. And we get a call from this lovely corporation wanting to do something like this for us. It…it’s just everything.”

And that kind of joy is the delivery Drew makes every day.

“That’s what Drew’s here to do. He does it to everyone he meets. And it just brings you to tears.”