Bridgeport police: Nothing deliberate on video in case of burned boy

Dominick Krankall, 6, of Bridgeport, suffered severe burns on April 24.
Dominick Krankall, 6, of Bridgeport, suffered severe burns on April 24.
Published: Jun. 10, 2022 at 1:22 PM EDT
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BRIDGEPORT, CT (WFSB) - There was nothing on video portraying children deliberately injuring a 6-year-old Bridgeport boy, whose family claimed he was set on fire by his neighbors.

Bridgeport police on Friday released an update to the case, which created national headlines.

The family of Dominick Krankall said the boy was bullied by tenants who lived in an apartment below them on Louisiana Avenue.

In a message on a GoFundMe page written by the boy’s sister, she claimed Dominick and two other children were playing with a ball that was covered in gasoline on April 24. She said the ball was lit on fire and thrown at Dominick.

The boy suffered second- and third-degree burns on his face and leg, the family said.

At the time, police said their preliminary reports indicated that up to four unattended children were seen playing with gasoline and lighting objects on fire.

In Friday’s update, they said evidence was sent to the State of Connecticut Forensic Lab. The results were received by the City of Bridgeport.

“At this juncture in the investigation, Bridgeport police and fire have reviewed known video portraying portions of the actual incident,” police said in a news release. “The video footage recorded four children (ages 6, 7, 8, and 11) playing together in the rear yard of the residence. At least three of the children (ages 6, 7 and 8) were observed playing with fire and gasoline. There is nothing on the video portraying any of the children deliberately injuring the other.”

Police also said Dominick’s parents were home at the time of the incident.

They did say that the investigation is on-going with additional interview to be conducted.

“The 6-year-old child has been treated at an area hospital and released,” police said. “The entire first responder community are praying for his on-going recovery and our continued thoughts and prayers are with all involved at this time.”

Dominick had mentioned that he wanted to be police officer when he grew up, so first responders held a parade for him at Bridgeport Hospital on April 28.

Dominic’s family reacted to the video police said they have, saying: “We have not been allowed to see the video...We did not see what happened, only heard from the little boy who was burnt…just moments after it happened. Dominick’s story has never changed.”

So far the family has raised nearly $600,000 online. Some of it they say will be used to find a place to live and the rest will go to the Salvation Army in Bridgeport.

The family also adds: “It is now time for us to say thank you To all of you and to remind everyone that gasoline is extraordinarily dangerous.”

Anyone with information about the case was asked to contact detectives at 203-581-5253 or utilize the Bridgeport police tips line at 203-576-TIPS.