Something’s Cooking: Life Bowls

Published: Jun. 17, 2022 at 7:19 PM EDT
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NEW HAVEN, CT (WFSB) - If you are looking to enjoy a delicious meal that won’t leave you with a guilty conscience, there’s a restaurant in New Haven that is building a cult-like following one bowl at a time.

The Something’s Cooking crew digs into what makes Life Bowls so special.

“It’s the history of this neighborhood it’s one of the oldest sections of this country,” said Justin McLaughlin, co-owner of Life Bowls.

Before we even stepped into McLaughlin’s restaurant, he wanted to show us around the awesome neighborhood his business calls home.

“This whole neighborhood and the area in general really drove us to it,” McLaughlin said.

The Ninth Square boasts beautiful murals and is one of the most walkable sections of New Haven.

Life Bowl’s original location is in Madison, so McLaughlin said the Elm City location is a new and exciting challenge.

“To do it in New Haven makes it that much more special,” McLaughlin said.

Of course a great location can only take you so far, but fortunately the Life Bowl guys have a top notch product they concoct with a blender.

Their specialty is acai bowls, which co-owner John Bone describes as “A super thick thick smoothie that you eat with a spoon.... loaded up with lots of fun and exciting toppings, fresh fruit granola things like that.”

Acai, a berry from the Amazon, is the core of most bowls.

Manager Andrew Whitney says the best thing about these meals is they are delicious and nutritious!

“There’s no guilty conscience after you have it nobody feels that you’re going to get too full and get weighted down,” Whitney said.

Customers agree.

“It’s excellent it’s really beautiful and also its really tasty.”

Careful though, John said after just a few bites you could get hooked.

“We find that with our customers, they’ll have it and it’s almost like they are addicted and we will see them three times a week for four months in a row, just cause they can’t get enough of it,” John said.

For more information on Life Bowls, click here.