Amazing K9 Duos: Wolcott ACO Roz Nenninger, and K9 comfort dog Mallard

Wolcott K9 comfort dog Mallard
Published: Jun. 20, 2022 at 5:36 PM EDT|Updated: Jun. 21, 2022 at 7:11 PM EDT
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WOLCOTT, CT (WFSB) - Amazing K9 Duos is spending time with Animal Control Officer Roz Nenninger and K9 comfort dog Mallard, of Wolcott.

Roslyn Nenninger, known as Roz, has been an Animal Control Officer for over 15 years, 10 with the Wolcott Police Department.

Nenninger has added a new partner to her position, k9 comfort dog Mallard! They’ve been together since he was 8 weeks old and trained 15 months for his comfort dog duties.

This trend of police comfort dogs for their respective departments and community is growing beyond Connecticut. It is creating a new opportunity for the community and law enforcement to have a positive experience.

Nenninger explains what the pair do together saying, “we go into the schools, we go to the senior center, we spend a lot of time at the police department, we respond to critical instances as needed, and we work with K9 first responders.”

“K9 first responders contact us when they have critical incidents that happen outside of town, such as deaths that effect different places, people, and tragedies. A lot of times we go into the prison system for the department of corrections to help out as comfort for their officers and wherever we’re needed,” says Nenninger.

Nenninger also explains how she became paired with Mallard saying, “Mallard came into my world after I lost another black lab, very similar to Mallard, and I was thinking about getting another black lab. I approached the chief with the program for K9 comfort dogs and we agreed to do this program and I was lucky enough to be the one that has been chosen to be mallards owner and handler.”

Wolcott Police Chief, Edward Stephens, couldn’t be happier with the results of K9 Mallard. He organized a fun afternoon with lots of children, coloring books, and Mallard.

“He’s something else, he’s a great addition to the police department,” said Wolcott Police Chief Edward Stephens.

“You know, he helps, he goes to schools when people have trauma, he goes around, he calms people down. Great addition, fantastic idea she had! It’s working out so very well,” Police Chief Stephens added.

Mallard has provided a source of comfort not only to the community, but to the officers too.

Police Chief Stephens believes this trend of community policing with comfort dogs is here to stay saying, “I know a lot of the chiefs are getting them if they haven’t already! So it is the new trend. You know, you have the other dogs that do certain things like narcotics dogs or patrol dogs, comfort dogs now have a big place in law enforcement.”

Some were skeptical of the new program, but their minds were quickly changed upon meeting Mallard.

“I was very skeptical of the whole program in the beginning, but to see what Mallard has done in the community and in this department it’s just amazing,” said Lt. Patrick Malloy.

On top of Mallards daily duties of being a k9 comfort dog for the police department he helps at the pound evaluating dogs, cats, and assists with people who have lost pets in the past to provide comfort.

Wolcott Police's K9 comfort dog Mallard