Channel 3 Ice Cream Social: Grassroots Ice Cream vs Collins Creamery

Channel 3 is looking for Connecticut's favorite ice cream spot.
Channel 3 is looking for Connecticut's favorite ice cream spot.(WFSB)
Published: Jun. 20, 2022 at 3:31 PM EDT
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(WFSB) – The search for Connecticut’s favorite ice cream continues.

We started with a top 20 list, now we need your help getting it down to the top 10!

Each week we’ll have head-to-head battles.

This week it’s between Grassroots Ice Cream in Granby and Collins Creamery in Enfield.

Vote for your favorite here:

A couple members of Channel 3′s morning crew headed to Granby where they may have tried almost every flavor in the case all before lunch.

People keep going back for more at Grassroots Ice Cream.

Channel 3 Ice Cream Social heads to Grassroots Creamery

“We have all-natural ice cream with no artificial colors or flavors and we really go off the charts with, we’ll do anything,” said Eliza.

The Florian family and their scoop crew churn out 400 gallons of ice cream twice a week and sell out every week.

“You know what, there’s nothing we make that hangs around the case. If it hangs around in the case, we just don’t make it again. We flip around 200-300 flavors, and we scoop 36 at a time. And we just like to mix it up,” Eliza said.

These girls love going to Grassroots and knew exactly what to order.

“What’d you get?” Eyewitness News asked.

“Cookie dough,” said Rhylee.

Rhylee got hot fudge on top, and Austin ordered the blood orange chip with hot fudge.

She said it’s her go-to, but if you’re go-to isn’t in the case, Eliza says, trust them!

“I always tell them if you don’t like it, I’ll re-scoop it. And I don’t think I’ve ever re-scooped it,” Eliza said.

They’re known for unique flavors, but they’ve got the basics down.

“I think we make the best chocolate and vanilla,” said Lee.

For more information on Grassroots Ice Cream, click here.

Since 1997, the Collins family has been dishing out fresh made ice cream at Collins Creamery.

They have more than 30 flavors.

“It’s fantastic. Can’t say enough about it,” said Carol Tkacz of Enfield.

“It’s the best. If you want homemade and a choice of so many flavors this is the place to be,” said Mary Smith of Enfield.

The owners love making their customers happy.

Channel 3 Ice Cream Social tries Collins Creamery

Set on a farm with a barn and white picket fence, it’s about much more than ice cream.

“It’s like you have such pride whenever you think about all the people who get joy from this place,” said Michele Bellafronte, Collins Creamery co-owner.

“How often do you come here?” Eyewitness News asked.

“At least once a week. Maybe twice. Maybe three times,” said Stu Grant of Enfield.

“It’s really good,” said James Pereira of Enfield.

There are a lot of flavors at Collins Creamery, but a little birdie said there’s a secret menu.

“Today we have Jordan’s French toast so it’s a maple base with cinnamon toast crunch mixed in. It’s pretty good.”

For more information on Collins Creamery, click here.

Here is a list of what viewers voted as the top 20 ice cream spots in CT. Salem Valley Ice Cream beat Kloter Farms last week to go on to the next round.

Channel 3 Ice Cream Social Top 20
Channel 3 Ice Cream Social Top 20(WFSB)