Farmers market brings fresh produce to Hartford’s Frog Hollow neighborhood

A Hartford farmers market is bringing fresh food to an area that’s considered a “food desert.”
Published: Jun. 23, 2022 at 11:32 PM EDT
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HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - A Hartford farmers market is bringing fresh food to an area that’s considered a “food desert.”

While there’s not much access to fresh produce or even fresh flowers, this farmers market offers a new look to the Frog Hollow neighborhood’s dining room tables.

“It’s so great because I don’t have to travel, and I can’t travel with the walker so to come here and get my produce and everything and interact with people. It’s nice because I don’t get to do that often,” said Teresa Russell of Hartford.

Forge City Works, a local non-profit, provides food access to areas that are considered a food desert or food swamp, like the Frog Hollow neighborhood, which has limited access to fresh and affordable food.

Not only are SNAP benefits accepted, but Forge City Works doubles it up to $20, which makes a difference in whether residents get food for themselves or their families.

“They’re not having to purchase things from a store out of a can, they can actually get farm grown produce, picked this morning, and brought to the city where they’re living so they can enjoy it today on their table,” said Joyce Willing of Beckett Farms.

After you purchase your food, what’s better than learning how to cook it?

“You know what I love too is that they tell you how to use the products, things that you can make, let me know how this worked out, when you come next week, let me know if you need any help. I love that,” said Russell.

David Corrigan lives in the Frog Hollow neighborhood. He said this farmers market has been a terrific asset to the area.

“Fresh vegetables, fresh produce is really important. I mean this is really farm to table,” said Corrigan.

The farmers market runs every Thursday until October.

If you want to get involved, donate or enjoy the farmers market, click here.