Travelers facing flight delays and cancelations as air travel reaches pre-pandemic levels

Travelers facing cancelations, delays and rising airfare costs
Published: Jun. 27, 2022 at 10:00 AM EDT
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WINDSOR LOCKS, CT (WFSB) - If you are planning to fly over the next few weeks make sure to get to the airport early.

Experts predict this will be the busiest summer for air travel since before the pandemic.

The surge is happening even though several factors are making travel more difficult and expensive.

The summer vacation season is back.

2.4 million passengers went through TSA checkpoints Friday.

That’s the highest number in a single day since the start of the pandemic.

But travelers are dealing with major issues.

Donna and Tom Kane of Bozrah will finally reach their vacation destination after two days of canceled flights.

“I’m out a lot of money I am out two days of a hotel a tour we were supposed to do yesterday a tour of the aquarium in Vancouver today so we didn’t get to do any of the stuff we were supposed to do before getting on the cruise ship,” said Donna.

The Kane’s problem is part of a nationwide epidemic.

Sunday alone 1,000 flights were canceled, including four at Bradley.

The issue was many airlines are short staffed.

Even travelers lucky enough not to deal with delays face other issues.

The biggest issues are costs closely connected with inflation.

Gas prices have been high but other costs are up too. Tickets to fly are 14-percent higher this year.

A hotel will cost 23-percent more and the average rental car price has increased $40 since 2019.

“Fares definitely went up quite a bit too I had to kind of book it kind of last minute so I had to eat the cost a little more than I would have had to,” said Ryan Tierney, of Denver.

Tierney is flying back home to Denver after a vacation in Connecticut.

“Definitely had to change some of those habits don’t want to keep racking up the bills,” said Tierney.

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