Bright Spot: 5-year-old creates free toy car garage

5-year-old creates free toy car garage
Published: Jul. 1, 2022 at 5:29 PM EDT
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Houston, TX (WFSB) - – There are free libraries around Connecticut, but have you heard of free garages? The concept was created by a little boy to share his love of toy cars with the community.

For 5-year-old Beau, racing Hot Wheels is his favorite thing in the world. So much so, he has a garage full of them.

It all started with a walk through his Houston neighborhood. “I told my mom you know about those free libraries. I told her I wanted to make one but for cars instead of books.”

Take a car and leave one. Beau had the idea, dad Alex Roessler had the tools. “From an early age he was obsessed with Hot Wheels. He came up with the idea and we put pencil to paper and drew it up, and he helped me build it.”

Next, Beau’s free garage was open for business. “Everyone can come all day every day if they want.”

And as owner and operator, Beau tries to ensure every transaction. His inventory is quite organized, and he’s even the salesman.

It’s a passion Beau loves to share and for him, it’s a new surprise every time. “I never know if I’ll get a truck or a car.”