Berlin is the latest town affected by neo-Nazi fliers

State police are taking this seriously. These kinds off issues are handled by the “Hate Crimes Unit.”
Published: Jul. 4, 2022 at 11:45 PM EDT
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BERLIN, Conn. (WFSB) - It’s not the first time Connecticut neighborhoods have seen racist flyers on their front lawns and some worry it could start getting out of hand.

State police say they’re taking this seriously, but neighbors are shaken up after seeing these racist flyers found in their yards.

“Everywhere on the street, they were just all over the streets, all over the lawns, up and down. It looked like snow, that’s how many there was here,” said Lucien J. Derosier Sr. of Berlin.

The quiet neighborhood of York Street in Berlin was one of a few vandalized Monday morning after neo-Nazi flyers were thrown in peoples lawns.

“I just think it’s disgusting the way people act today, and have nothing better to do than ruin the streets of not just berlin, but everywhere you look, you see damage being done,” said Lucien.

West Hartford neighborhoods were vandalized back in April 2022.

“What kind of people do that? I mean, I’m white but I don’t think I’m better than everybody else,” said Ginny Freese, a CT resident.

State police are taking this seriously. These kinds off issues are handled by the “Hate Crimes Unit.”

“What our detectives in that unit are doing, they’re looking for some type of trend,” said Sergeant Christine Jeltema, Connecticut State Police.

Sergeant Jeltema says detectives are working closely with communities with the goal of being proactive instead of reactive

“If there are these types of incidents happening around those communities, we have to ensure that we are keeping them safe and that they feel safe,” said Sergeant Jeltema.

However, residents still have an uneasy feeling knowing this is happening in their communities.

“I’m just nervous about groups of people who have this kind of passion about something that’s so bad,” said Ginny.

The hate crimes unit is still collecting data and they urge you to report any hate crimes you see here: