Bright Spot: Free little art gallery

Art studio opens 'Free little art gallery'
Published: Jul. 14, 2022 at 6:01 PM EDT
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Lafayette, IN (WFSB) - There’s a new way for people to connect with art in part of the country.

The creators of a special art exhibit are hoping there will be a give-and-take for everyone who passes by.

“I saw other free little art galleries on social media and I think a friend sent me a link and was like, you need to do this and I was like oh, that’s a great idea,” explains Amanda Kennedy.

Now that idea has become a reality, outside of a studio and classroom in Lafayette, Indiana.

The gallery opened to the public last month, and Kennedy, its owner says making the interactive gallery come alive has been a family affair. “I drew up some plans and, like most things that I decide to build, I took it to my husband who is a woodworker. I said this is my idea. Please build it for me. And so, he did.”

The outdoor gallery isn’t exactly one you can walk through. It’s in a small box along Main Street, and anyone can take items from the art display free of charge, or they can leave items for others to enjoy.

The message Kennedy hopes people can take from the new space?

“Maybe affirm that everyone’s an artist. That this isn’t just exclusively for people who give themselves that title. Literally anyone can make art, and anyone can share it, and anyone can enjoy it.”