Small Business Spotlight: Valomie Boutique

Valomie Boutique
Published: Jul. 21, 2022 at 5:12 PM EDT
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STONINGTON, CT (WFSB) - Small Business Spotlight headed to Stonington to check out a boutique!

“I would say this is a true to size fit. It does come separately so the shorts and the blazer sold separately. The body suit here is a one size fits up to 3XL. Girls don’t think I’m crazy, but it’s super stretchy and I’m getting everyone into body suits now,” said Alisha Sturges.

Sturges started Valomie Boutique three years ago and is getting ready to celebrate one year at the Velvet Mill in Stonington.

“I’ve always wanted to shop at a boutique that was affordable and that has something for everyone. And I really do have something for every single woman no matter what your style is, your age, or your fit. We have it here at Valomie,” Sturges said.

She carries all sizes, everything from extra small to 3X, and wants to make you look and feel your best.

“I pull it together. 100 percent. And I actually will force people out of their comfort zones, like I’ve had ladies come in here and they’re like no, I could never do that. I’m like, try it on,” said Sturges.

Like jeans, dresses, the sets, even accessories like jewelry, hats, and even shoes.

“So I always say this, and I explain it to my customers and they laugh every time they come in here, I’m like, because they love the pieces, they’re literally like you have something for everyone. Not even just in the store, but online. I’m not shopping just for myself. I’m shopping for trends, what trends. Comfort, being versatile, wear it to work out with girlfriends at night or date night, and definitely always looking for something that’s very comfortable,” Sturges said.

The majority of her business is online.

“I do live sales on Facebook and I stream through my mobile app so I love when everyone gets the mobile app, it’s a free download through Apple and Google Play Store. You just download it and I actually will explain the fit, the material, the style, for everyone right on my live sales, I can engage with my community. We have a great great community on Facebook. I love all the girls. Love ‘em all,” said Sturges.

Her two daughters are her inspiration for everything.

“So Valerie and Naomi. So it’s pronounced Valomie Boutique,” Sturges said.

Sturges launches more than 100 items a week and has open store hours on weekends.

Valomie is open by appointment during the week.

For more information on Valomie Boutique, click here.