New pedestrian bridge opens in New Haven

New pedestrian bridge opens in New Haven
Published: Aug. 1, 2022 at 7:04 PM EDT
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NEW HAVEN, CT (WFSB) - A new bridge in New Haven is just 60 feet long, but it connects much more than just two chunks of land.

At first glance you’d probably never guess it, but this beautiful setting is just steps away from the hustle and bustle of the Westville section of New Haven.

People who live in the area near the West River Greenway say it’s special.

“It’s important because it keeps everyone connected to nature and they’re able to find out what they want to do in life, stuff like this is very peaceful versus the city there is a lot of noise,” said Jordan Cunningham of New Haven.

Cunningham is part of The Shack, a group of young people building a nearby community center who have also been advocating for the greenway, and Monday they got to commemorate something big.

Jordan joined city leaders celebrating the opening of a brand-new pedestrian bridge in the Greenway above the West River in the Westville section of the city.

The structure replaces an old, dilapidated bridge that was closed for more than a decade.

“This is about connecting communities and this river is such a wonderful asset but in many spots it divides the community because it’s tough to get across, now it is way easier to get across,” said New Haven Mayor Justin Elicker.

“You have a brand-new beautiful bridge where you can walk across get a chance to introduce kids to something new,” said City Alder Honda Smith.

For the young people like Jordan and his friend Zshonna Singleton who helped make this moment possible, those first few steps across the new bridge felt like a dream coming true.

“It was just like we actually did it our hard work paid off, like it was meant to happen. To see our progress is a beautiful thing,” said Singleton.

The bridge is just a beginning.

The city plans to replace and refurbish other pedestrian bridges that run above the West River in the near future.