Small Business Spotlight: The Wayfinder Society

The Wayfinder Society.
Published: Aug. 2, 2022 at 4:52 PM EDT
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CHESTER, CT (WFSB) - You can travel the world without leaving Connecticut at the Wayfinder Society in Chester.

“India, and Nepal, and Tibet in the Himalayas, stuff like this elephant from India and the bed is from China, so yeah there are little nods everywhere,” said Shelby Howe.

Shelby and Chris Howe opened the Wayfinder Society in November, an idea sparked during the pandemic.

“We have a travel business as well, we do women’s trips in Nepal. And with the pandemic we, realizing it wasn’t going to be over quite as soon as we wished it would be, all of us wished it would be, so I think I threw out the idea of maybe we should open a little store, surround ourselves with things that make us feel like we’re traveling,” Shelby said.

“This was always something we were going to do. We just weren’t going to do it now,” said Chris.

But it worked out, and business has been good.

You can find things for almost everyone, at almost any price point.

Everything except the bookcase in the back is for sale.

“The items kind of call to people. Everybody’s kind of coming into the store with like a different history, different grandparents, etc. And so a lot of people will walk into the store and be like oh my gosh, I haven’t seen something like that in 50 years, my grandmother loved that, I loved that. Versus coming with intention,” Chris said.

Some of the items are one-of-a-kind, like the bed, or the screen, or the mask.

But the crystals, the apothecary items, jewelry, and candles are things you will always be able to find.

“It’s like an ever-changing view into like, what’s interesting and what is kind of cool,” said Chris.

They hope customers who walk in will be curious about what they find, and even about Chester.

“This town is really incredible, the people here are amazing and it seems to draw just cool people from just all over the place, really you wouldn’t necessarily think in a teeny tiny town like this that it would draw so many people, really really neat people but it does,” said Shelby.

For more information on The Wayfinder Society, click here.