Keeping pets safe in the extreme heat

Experts say you should always make sure your pet has water and a shady place to rest.
Published: Aug. 4, 2022 at 7:36 PM EDT
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ROCKY HILL, Conn. (WFSB) - Unfortunately, our pets can’t just tell us when they’re not feeling great, so it is important, especially in extreme weather conditions, to make sure you are looking for signs of distress in your pets.

“It’s just too hot. I’d rather be in an air-conditioning house but at least we have a tree here,” said John Czaja of Rocky Hill.

John Czaia took his dog Uriah to the dog park before the temperatures made their way up into the 90′s.

“He don’t like it out in the sun, he does a lot of panting but he’s fine,” said Czaia.

These hot temperatures not only cause heat related illness in humans, but also your furry friends.

This is why vets are urging you to take note of your dogs behavior during this heat wave.

“Best if you can try to make your walks earlier morning or later in the evening when there’s more shade and it’s cooler out,” said Dr. Stephanie Tornaquindici, Beckett & Associates Veterinary Services.

“We usually come here in the morning and then in the afternoon we go home and we hang out home,” said Czaia.

For dogs there are certain breeds that are more prone to heat related issues.

“Anything with a smooshy face like a pug, or a cavalier, or a French bulldog, they have less ability to have proper air exchange in their nose and so it’s much more prone for them to get heat stress,” said Dr. Caitlin McIntosh, Beckett & Associates Veterinary Services.

So how can you tell when your pets suffering from heat stress?

“Watching their respiratory rate is a big indicator. A lot of times they’ll get a fever, just being lethargic if they aren’t normally. Your dog probably wants to go go go but you need to be in control and regulate it’s activity for safety,” said Dr. Stephanie Tornaquindici.

Experts say you should always make sure your pet has water and a shady place to rest, and they say if you think your dog is suffering from any heat distress you should give your vet a call.